Specifications for Installation

We need your offset dimension.


Name first and last (contacts)                            


Ship to Address: Required Items

Add1        City:     State/Prov:  


Email Address                                                    Phone


I would like the following Unit (one form per unit) TM 2000 Standard   VTM for Backside of Line  OPS for front side of line  TM1500 for auto/hand    TM 1000

Bags per Min    


Desired Tag Location Locate on Back of Bag      Locate on Front or Operator Side   Locate Back side Upside Down

Offset value (inches):    

Mount to Post or Floor Mount to Round Post        Mount to floor vtm/ops    Mount to special frame

Elevation to top of Powered belt infeed from floor or special frame:

Note I have a auto bag tucker No       



Type of post supporting sewing head Yes mine is round        No mine is not round see comments

Production Line NO

Revised: 01/19/2006