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Softsyss is the software applications design and development division of CMSI Technologies. Softsyss develops in-house, vertical market applications for our clients' specific needs. We work closely with our in-house equipment designers and custom machine customers to design, test and implement functional and user friendly applications.

With extensive experience working with marking systems, specifically barcode development, identification and recognition, our staff knows the challenges and requirements to ensure barcode integrity. Barcode 123 is one application we developed and market that generates all popular barcodes in a variety of file formats. Another application designed and marketed by CMSI Technologies is TagSoft, a comprehensive tag/label design application that's user friendly, easily imports data and automatically formats tags/labels for font selection and font size.

   With our unique expertise and experience in barcode creation and recognition, and our tag/label design and printing capabilities, Softsyss and CMSI Technologies are uniquely qualified to deliver proven, user-friendly solutions to customers needing sophisticated barcode and tag/label design applications.



  Tagsoft is a design program to assist in the loading of nutritional or recipe information from other programs like AgraData, Format, and Brill. During loading, various sections of the tag are properly formatted to meet the users specifications. Once loaded adjustments to the formatting can be made and graphics, barcodes or rotated text items can be inserted to finish the design process. Test tags and labels are then printed to provide regulatory documentation, and the final file for transfer across the country is made ready for and stored in the transfer folder.

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   ApproveIt is a special file transfer and printing program that is available for the user to move the finished folder to the district office or directly to the production floor over local area network (LAN) or the wide area network (WAN). If desired, sample copies of the label or tag are printed during the transfer process for additional documentation by the regional office. Additionally, if small quantities of labels or tags are needed at the district level, these can be made directly from ApproveIt through the thermal transfer printer or laser printer on site.

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CMSI Technologies is a single source solutions provider for your industrial or commercial packaging needs.

Our comprehensive turn-key solutions approach eliminates the potential problems and "finger pointing" that can result from working with multiple vendors on a single project. With our success, and commitment to customer service, the organization has grown and expanded to include divisions that are strategically aligned to provide customers in a variety of industries and markets with customized and automated marking solutions.

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