TM 1008


Tagmaster 2000 VTM

The Tagmaster 2000 VTM System features the latest design in print head technology. Using the exclusive FETHR® (Floating Edge-Type Head Revolution) permits lighter head pressure to print on a wide range of label stock.
2000 VTM Specs

LCD Touch Screen Computer (optional)

• Industrial Grade
• Dust and Water Resistant
• Software Fully Loaded

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TM 1008
TM 1500
TM 2000

TM 2000 VTM

   Tagmaster Systems is the equipment/machinery division of CMSI Technologies that designs, builds and manufactures innovative automated marking systems. Working exclusively with mid-market and niche market businesses in a variety of industries, Tagmaster Systems offers custom built marking solutions that easily integrate into existing production processes, or work as complete stand alone systems.

Working collaboratively with it's other divisions, cmsitechnologies and Softsyss, Tagmaster Systems has fostered and created a unique synergy that provides direct benefits to our customers. By offering a complete management approach to the design, engineering, development, testing, installation and implementation of custom marking systems, and supporting them with products and consumables that have been thoroughly tested and proven to work, we can deliver value and peace of mind that only comes from a comprehensive single source provider.

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   The Tagmaster 1000 is a stand-alone office/desktop system designed to print various tags or labels in multiple sizes and shapes from blank or pre-printed material.



  We have a wide variety of tag stock options and colors to meet your needs. If we do not stock what you need, we will customize the product to meet your specific requirements.

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CMSI Technologies is a single source solutions provider for your industrial or commercial packaging needs.

Our comprehensive turn-key solutions approach eliminates the potential problems and "finger pointing" that can result from working with multiple vendors on a single project. With our success, and commitment to customer service, the organization has grown and expanded to include divisions that are strategically aligned to provide customers in a variety of industries and markets with customized and automated marking solutions.

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