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CMSI Technologies is a company that offers a host of automation and software solutions which are used in industries across the globe. Custom labeling, tagging, printing and item tracking software systems are where we shine.

Product Spotlight

The TagMaster 2506n

The TM-2506n is an integrated system designed to automatically print various tags in multiple sizes and shapes from blank stock and insert them as bags are filled. The Tagmaster 2506n was designed to be located and used on the production floor with an easy interface for operators to use. We include an industrial dust resistant production floor computer and the necessary software to interface with a remote/home office to receive designed tags.

The TM-2506n is able to print tags directly from a PDF while adding variable data such as LOT, DATE, TIME, BAG NUMBER and TRACK and TRACE coding. 

·         Reduce your labor costs significantly  

·         TRACK and TRACE with a unique identifier

·         Works with powered and non-powered sewers

·         Variable tags sizes

·         Fast ROI payback