Mission Statement

The mission of CMSI Technologies is to design, manufacture and distribute high-quality products that: companies need to bring production lines to the next level, plant managers seek for accountability and purchasing looks to for price and product reliability. CMSI Technologies is dedicated to delivering the highest quality product and to do our very best to create solutions that meet our customer's needs. 

Company History

Founded in 1976, CMSI Technologies started under the name Computerized Machinery Systems which designed and produced high speed weigh price labeling equipment for the meat and poultry industries. Since then, the company evolved into a multi faceted company which designs packaging equipment, creates user interface production line software, and manufactures a host of related packaging supplies that run in our systems. Our most commonly known trade name product is the Tagmaster. Some of our early designs were produced in the mid 90's and evolved to fully automated print and insert tagging systems customized for your production line. These systems changed the method that customers produced their tags that are used in industries that sew ingredient, instructions or Government regulation data on their products. CMSI created the process of allowing the end user the ability to have a variable length tag that was printed, cut and inserted on the production line that could have variable data. In addition to this, CMSI has provided a host of different labeling and packaging systems to the industries of today. Our current focus is to continue to provide innovative products to our vertical industries to help reduce cost, while providing a solution to industry regulations.

Our Team


The CMSI staff is a diverse blend of talent and backgrounds.

Together, we embody a unique culture where every individual has the opportunity to lead and support the team. We’re able to be as collaborative as we are thanks to our mutual respect for one another and our shared drive to be the best.


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