Cannabis / Marijuana Labeling Systems

Our systems range in speed from 20 ppm to 500 ppm with pinpoint accuracy.

This economically priced labeling system is designed for various sized round containers and features stainless steel construction, PLC control and color touchscreen operator interface. Speeds up to 150 products per minute are possible depending on the product size.

This custom system uses hugger belt technology to suspend various sized containers, and apply top and bottom labels simultaneously.

The SL90 is an economically priced tamper bander or full body sleever with speeds up to 100ppm

This system can be used to apply labels to unfilled bags, sheets, or other like type products. In-feed can accommodate various types of packaging with slight adjustments.

This product can be used to apply labels to product, shipping boxes, and many other items. System can be outfitted with either print and apply, or an apply only style labeling head.

This system will allow you to apply labels on both front and back of your product in one pass. This is especially useful when you have an oblong shape product that cannot be rolled in a wrap style machine.

This labeling system will apply a label on the top of your product, such as lids on tins or small caps.

This custom horizontal wraparound labeling system is capable of labeling unstable, small diameter vials and ampules.The speed rating on this system is up to 300ppm depending on product.

This is a custom table top horizontal labeling system for syringes. It is also capable of labeling other pharmaceutical products such as vials and ampules. Speed capability is limited due to hand loading. Rates are usually 20 to 30 ppm.