Q.A. Scanner

Need a way to assure your product has a tag or label on it?

The Q.A.-Scan is a device designed to assure your product receives a label or tag after the automated application is performed.

How it works:

The Q.A.-Scan comes with a product sensor, signal light, digital strobe camera, and a logic box which is affixed to your production line. If the Q.A-Scan does not see a label or tag on your product, it provides a signal (dry contact) which will trip an E-stop, or activate a gate. The gate can remove the product from the other items when the relay is triggered. After the trigger is sent, it either can automatically reset to ready mode, or have a user manually reset the system if needed. This Q.A.-System requires either our PDF Plus+ or custom designed software to work properly. Added data collection features, such as LOT Tracking and Product Count collection is available upon request and quoted per project.


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