TagMaster Desktop

The Tagmaster Desktop program is primarily used by an operator to select pre-designed tags which are sent to a Tagmaster machine. The operator can select from a list of tags on the screen, enter any specified variables, and print out a set count of tags. Files listed in the desktop software are formats which cannot be modified at this point. Only the variable fields can be editied by the user. A very popular approach when the need of process control is required.

This product is used as an "offline" system and can be very cost effective.

  • On demand printing will insert real-time variables on the tag.
  • Easy to select and print. Access to only the tags you want
  • No one can tamper with the layout of the tag. Once the tag file is created , it can only be modified by authorized personal.
  • Audit trail feature can keep track of every tag printed throughout the day and print out a report.

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