TagMaster Production

Custom Tag Design Software on a word processing platform

Tagmaster is a CMSI Technologies program that is used on your production line to apply one tag to every bag in the run. This Real-Time program that uses up-to-date information supplied by the computer . It will only print one tag per bag and keeps a record of how many tags were issued in the run or even throughout the day. the user can select to print one tag, and it will continue to print that same tag for the entire lot of bags.

  • On demand printing will insert real-time variables on the tag.                (Example: Date, Time, Lot number, Bag count, Expiration date, etc.)
  • Variable Barcodes with the same information
  • No one can tamper with the layout of the tag, once a file is created,                    it can only be written over.
  • Track every tag printed throughout the day and print out a report
  • The "Interrogator" alerts the user when the printer stops functioning (out of paper, out of ribbon, etc.)
Tagmaster production screen

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