Genuine Tagmaster tag stock comes in both paper and poly, and gives you the best print performance results on your tagging system.  Use paper tags for everyday tagging, and Taugen Plus poly material for oil, or oversea shipments that are subject to salt water mist.  Along with 20 stock colors, CMSI can make virtually any custom color you need for you application.  Call us today to discuss your application.


**** Please note that colors shown below just for color categories, and do not directly represent the exact color of the tinted tag.  For a sample book, please send us a request for you to review.

T-B  (Blue)

T-G (Green)

T-P   Cherry/Pink

T-Y (LT Yellow)

T-346 (Med Green)

T-116 (Golden Rod)

T-CYN (Cyan)

T-185 Red

T-325 Aqua

T-366 (LT Lime)

T-263 (Violet)

T-468 (Tan)

T-CRM (Cream)

T-203 (LT Pink)

T-727 (LT Brown)

T-CG2 (Cool Grey)

T-021 (Orange)

T-354 (Dark Green)

TBD (Cream)

T-B-S (Blue Stripe)

T-139 (Burnt Orange)

T-R-S (Red Stripe

W (White)