Tagmaster 3005t Automatic Tagger

The TM-3005t Automatic Tagger, produces a 5” wide variable length tag, which is automatically inserted into your bag sewer up to 30 bags per minute.

You get the ability to make tags from a continuous roll which gives you greater design flexibilty, and the ability to print directly to the system using a PDF format with a low cost of operation.

The TM-3005t comes with a fully enclosed dust prevention cover that is a vertical tilt design to allow users to fit the machine in small places. Large roll unwind and an additional dust enclosure with trolly available as an option. Included with the TM-3005t is an industrial dust resistant production floor computer with PDF Plus+ Software pre-installed.

CMSI Technologies continues to provide quality solutions that meet your toughest requirements.

TM-3005 trans

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