Tagmaster 3008n Automatic Tagger

The TM-3008n Automatic Tagger, produces an 8.5” wide variable length tag, which is automatically inserted into your bag sewer up to 30 bags per minute.

Wider print area means you get a larger stitch area across the top, a shorter tag, more tags per roll, all with the ability to print directly to the system using a PDF format at a low cost of operation.

The TM-3008n comes with a fully enclosed dust prevention cover that is vertically designed to allow users to fit the machine in small places. Add this to our unique inline trolley system, and you have a system that
gives operators easy access to replenish their supplies.

Included with the TM-3008n is an industrial dust resistant production floor computer with PDF Plus+ Software pre-installed.

CMSI Technologies continues to provide quality solutions that meet your toughest requirements.


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