Top labeler for pouches or flat goods

If you are looking for a simple and cost effective way to label a flat pouch,  you will be impressed with the simplicity and robust design of the Novexx labeling system equipped with the spring loaded dispensing head.   The system comes with your choice of a 4” or 6” wide Novexx labeling head which  features a wipe on style dispensing head, but can also be equipped with a variety of dispensing attachments to meet your product needs.

The labeler allows the user to apply a label on the top of the pouch automatically as it travels on the conveyor.  The product conveyor is designed to be used as a standalone device,  but can be added to an inline production line in some cases.  Product is released with either a simple bottom fed feeder or a powered feeder.    Next, a product sensor is used to trigger the release of a label that is automatically dispensed and applied to pouch as it travels on the conveyer system.   This is a quick and easy way to reduce hand labeling and lower your labor costs.

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This system can be used to apply labels to unfilled bags, sheets, or other like type products.  In-feed can accommodate various types of packaging with slight adjustments.