Inline Product Data Collection System

The Track-It scanning system is designed to work with the output of the PDF Plus+ version 3.x or higher, as well as other barcode Symbology output. It is capable of recording your tag or label data tracker barcode information in either batch or real time, which is used in production or accounting data analysis processes.


How it works:


Tag or labels that are produced on machines such as the Tagmaster or Labelmaster systems are able to produce barcodes that encompass variable data such as Lot/Batch codes, Manufacture Times, Sequential Serial Number and more. This data is use to create a unique license plate to identify your product.

The Track-It system is able to collect this data on your production line and present this information in a usable file such as a standard CSV file. This technique allows you to be able to record all the items that has run on a production line that day, and provide you an exact record of each product.

This valuable information is used to not only to collect your run quantity, but to also give you a record of each serial number that is associated to the lot/batch in case of recalls.

Many industries require track and trace process to meet industry standards, which Track-it can provide.

The Track-it base system can be used with our Trace-It program to give you the fully automated data collection system from start to finish.

Track it Scanning

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