TechLine PET Beverage Labeling System

The TechLine PET Beverage Labeling System is ideal for any thin walled cylindrical bottles, such as water bottles, sports drinks, etc., and ensures proper label accuracy by using four points of bottle contact to square and align the container during label impression.  The system features a color touchscreen operator interface, stainless steel construction and AC inverter drive.

Unlike conventional wrap systems, this vertical roller system uses 4 points of bottle contract to square and align the surface of the container to minimize label spirals. Production rates up to 200 ppm with a +/- 1/32” accuracy are possible with this system.

The TechLine Vertical Roller labeling system is available with a full complement of options, including feedscrew or pneumatic product bank control, label coders, bar code scanners, product eject station, etc.

water bottle pic 3
  • Robust stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction
  • Onboard, non-volatile memory
  • 50 programmable product profile presets
  • AC drive motors
  • Q65 labeling station with high-torque stepper drive motor
  • Rugged Vertical Roller module with stainless steel chains
  • Encoder-based speed synchronization
  • Optional Allen Bradley PLC control

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